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Prog-tronic Power Trio

Band Members

Luke Bemand - Bass, Synth, Percussion, Vocals
Jonathan Grusauskas - Guitar, Synth, Sampler, Percussion, Vocals
Rory Dolan - Drums, Sampler, Percussion, Vocals


Grown in CT. Now located out of Millerton NY and Southern CT


lespecial is redefining the term “power trio”. The multi-instrumentalists from Connecticut continue to push the boundaries of what a three-piece band is capable of both live and in the studio ahead of their latest album, “Odd Times”. The band’s signature blend of “heavy future groove” combines headbanging metal riffage and surgical rhythmic precision with bone shaking 808s, sub synths and ethereal vocal stylings for a dance floor that welcomes moshing, dancing and hip swaying alike. Listeners are taken on a journey to the musical netherworld through esoteric soundscapes punctuated by raw, primal power.


Odd Times, lespecial’s darkest and heaviest record to date, is an enigmatic and compelling musical project that explores the ever-changing nature of time amidst isolation. With heavy riffs, tribal drumming, and hints of levity, it's a captivating journey crafted in collaboration with Havok's David Sanchez. An intriguing blend of old-school metal and modern djent-inspired riffage awaits in this haunting sonic experience.



lespecial  - "Lungs of the Planet" Music Video

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